total quality performance

The Group is committed to Total Quality Management in the pursuit of its business goals. The strategy is aimed at embedding awareness of quality in all organizational processes to achieve customer satisfaction at continually lower costs.

The Group achievement in its quality management are reflected through the certifications obtained by its own and managed operating unit (OUs) as follows:



ISO 9001:2008

ISO 140001:2004

IEC 17025

Receiving Company/Operating Units All Estates and Mills in Malaysia Malaysian Operations Sedenak POM Sindora POM Tereh POM Palong Cocoa POM Tereh Selatan Estate Malaysian Operations Sedenak Estate Sindora Estate Sindora POM Ulu Tiram Central Laboratory (UTCL)

Four (4) mills namely Palong Cocoa POM, Tereh POM, Sedenak POM and Sindora POM were certified with HALAL MALAYSIA Certification by Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (“JAKIM”) effective from 1 May 2015 - 30 April 2017 (2 years with annual surveillance by auditor). In addition to these mills, our Pasir Panjang Palm Oil Mill  was received Halal Certification on 1 February 2017 with the Certification period valid for 2 years starting from 1 February 2017 - 31 January 2019 and is subject to an annual review audit.

Kulim has embarked on the journey towards certification of Quality Environment /5S, a Japanese originated management tool for improving workplace efficiency since 7 September 2013. We are pleased to report that on 8 January 2015, Kulim had earned its QE/5S Certification.

Kulim have successfully extended ISO/IEC 17025:2005 scope of accreditation in 13 November 2017  by having compost, foliar and fertilizer analysis as a part of accredited testing. This has been one of the effort in order to achieve the mission to provide continuous quality laboratory services.