Oil Palms Seed Production


The Group has been widely recognized as the producer of quality oil palm seeds in the world through Dami/PT Smart(Indonesia) and Dami (Malaysia).

Dami – One of the World's Largest Producers

Kulim's Plant Breeding in Malaysia focuses are on developing new higher-yielding varieties and genetic materials with economically important traits. High yielding oil palms are the bedrock of the Group's "30:30" strategy and the most influential driver of profitability, other than commodity prices. Focus on evaluation of clonal tenera palms was emphasised for fast track programme. Fast track programme may shorten the time taken to develop elite parental palms to produce uniformly high yielding planting materials. Preliminary observation showed very promising results of getting higher oil yield through clonal planting. A number of tenera palms with oil/bunch/(O/B) over 37% in nine clones of different genetic backgrounds were identified and some palms were re cloned, targeted to produce oil yield of above 10 t / ha / yr.

In Malaysia, a total of1.69 million commercial DxP seeds were produced and 0.94 million germinated seeds were sold by the Group's Malaysian Plant Breeding unit in 2013.

Dami seeds are the result of an intensive oil palm breeding programme based on selective germplasm collections. High quality seeds are produced from elite parental palms which have undergone extensive field evaluation and selection. The current seed production multiplies elite progenies combining "Deli" mother palm swith pollen from "Avros pisifera" selections. The high productivity of individual seed palms allows Dami to concentrate production on only the very best palms, ensuring the elite nature of Dami material is never compromised.

The other demand for high quality Dami seeds is set to support the expansion of this business to become another important contributor to the Group profitability in the years ahead.

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Oil Palms Seed Production
In Malaysia:

Contact Person: Mohd Isa Zainol Abidin

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