Cattle project involves in cattle rearing to increase domestic beef production and for oil palm players to integrate cattle rearing as part of their operation. It is also for better land utilization and estate cost control.

To achieve above mission, we are focus on integration, feedlot and sale activities. We are also managing two feedlots at Bukit Nyamuk and Ladang Satelit, Muar and we are targeting to produce 800 heads of cattle for the market from these two (2) feedlots.

Kulim have received two government grant:

  • ENTRY POINT PROJECT 5" (EPP5) for 735 of Brahman cattle - 2012 and 2013
  • EPP5 "FULL VALUE CHAIN" for 1000 of Brahman cattle - 2013

Vision & Mission:

Vision of our company is to be a major cattle supplier and largest halal product producer in food industry from upstream to downstream activities.

Our mission is to manage all farms and assets with the appropriate way by utilizing all the expertise and resources in an efficient, ethical and professional manners.

Contact Details

Kulim Livestock Sdn Bhd
d/a Ulu Tiram Estate,
K. B 705, 80990
Johor Bahru, Johor.

Contact Person: Kamarulzaman Othman

Email: kamarulzaman@kulimlivestock.com.my

Tel: 07-863 5611

Fax: 07-863 5601


Kulim (Malaysia) Berhad (Kulim) involved in the pineapple industry since 1994. The MD2 pineapple farms production run by Kulim Pineapple Farm ("KPF") and its subsidiaries Renown Value Sdn Bhd ("RVSB"). KPF is also responsible for promoting and marketing local agricultural products produced for the local market and abroad.

Kulim is also one of the biggest producers of fresh pineapples in Malaysia for the local as well as export markets in the Middle East, East Asia and Singapore. Company also have a certification of Malaysian Good Agricultural Practice (myGAP 2010-2017) and Seed Certification Scheme (SPBT) developed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry, Malaysia.

For the local market, the company has opened a total of eight (8) series kiosk fruits under the brand of MELITA in Johore which located at Ulu Tiram Estate, Galleria @ Kota Raya, KPJ Johor Specialist Hospital dan KPJ Puteri Specialist Hospital while MELITA kiosk around the city is located in KPJ Tawakkal Specialist Hospital, KPJ Damansara Hospital and KPJ Seremban Hospital. The company also aim to develop kiosk Melita in other areas in the future.

Contact Details

Kulim Pineapple Farm
d/a Ulu Tiram Estate,
K. B 705, 80990
Johor Bahru, Johor.

Contact Person: Mohamad Yami Bakar

Email: mdyami@kulim.com.my

Tel: +607-861 9355