Agro Farming

Commercialising our high-quality fresh produce.

Quality Focused

We are leveraging our 89 years of experience in the plantation industry to bring high demand fruits and vegetables to our agro farms.
Smart farming technologies
Focus on high quality breed of fruits and vegetables
Prioritize our workforce’s quality of life
10 acres
Total area of planted local cucumbers and luffa for commercialising.
100.2 Ha
Total area of planted several palm species at our Coconut Farm.
7.35 Ha
Total area of planted durian trees planted at our Durian Farm.
247 Ha
Total area of planted pineapple trees planted at our Pineapple Farm.
Smart Farming
Through the application of the Internet of Things, we have better yields and efficiencies.
Good Agricultural Practices
We maintain our high operating  standards to stay competitive.
Local Labour
We initiated several programs to increase local labour to be less dependent on foreign workers.

Future of Agro Farming

With our massive land bank, we have expanded our focus to move beyond oil palm plantation into commercialising high-demand, high-quality fruits and vegetables.

The initiative adopted the Internet of things (IoT) in its application. Kulim aims to have up to 50 acres dedicated to intensive farming by 2026. 

Guided by our new transformation program, we are aiming to have about 50 acres dedicated to intensive farming by 2026 equipped with automation and high precision technologies to maintain a high productivity level.

Overcoming Challenges

Addressing our stakeholders’ needs
Meeting Demand
With a higher yield rate, we can meet local demand for fresh fruits and vegetable year in and year out.
Building Network
Leveraging on our retail network to build long-lasting business collaboration to commercialise  our downstream products.
How do we ensure we have enough expertise to move into agro farming?
We actively engage local universities and research agencies to upskill our Research & Development and Agronomy teams.
How do we overcome labour shortages?
Employ local workers and provide incentives for skilled foreign workers.
How can we mitigate wastage due to shorter shelf life?
We use precise sensors and better cold rooms to store the harvest. 
How did we recover from the pandemic?
Accelerate our vaccination programs for all employees. To date, 99.93% of our staff have been vaccinated.
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For 80 years, we revolutionised the future of agribusiness, thus, strengthening our position as one of the key players in Malaysia's agricultural sector.
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