Core Business


Recognised as one of the first plantation companies in Malaysia to be RSPO-certified, we have expanded into downstream products

Sustainability Focused

Since the beginning, we operate in a manner that respects, protects, and conserves all aspects related to our surroundings.
Accelerate mechanisation and automation
Adopt high yielding planting materials
Prioritise our workforce’s quality of life
Digital First
We use modern technologies like drones and mechanisation to increase productivity while keeping costs low.
54,325 Ha
Total planted areas with oil palm across Malaysia with about 80% are located in the southern part of the country. 
7,362 Ha
Total planted areas with oil palm in Indonesia, specifically in South Sumatera.
Supplied by our own subsidiary, our advanced agricultural machineries play an important role in our modernisation of our plantation business.
Sustainable Practices
We have invested in renewable energy by building biogas plants out of our waste and emissions.
Local Labour
We initiated several programs to increase local labour to be less dependent on foreign workers.

Transforming Plantation

As an organisation that is constantly evolving through times, we are moving the palm oil industry forward by incorporating modern technologies such as drones and mechanisation into our core business to stay competitive and resilient.

Guided by our vision, “Vision 30:30”, we aim to achieve 30 tonnes per hectare fruit yield and 30% crude extractives while maintaining principles of sustainable development.

With these transformations, we are able to further leverage our expertise in plantations to expand into agribusiness activities involving agro farming, livestock, and trading and services.

Overcoming Challenges

Addressing our stakeholders' needs 
Handling the pandemic
We have taken several actions to minimise contact throughout the estate by controlling field workers’ movements.
Exceeding expectations
In 2022, we are targeting to achieve 4.3% higher than the production estimate of 2021.
How do we combat CPO price fluctuation?
We put our focus on productivity improvement and enhancement to achieve cost-efficiency without compromising quality and standards.
How do we overcome labour shortages?
Employ local workers and provide incentives for skilled foreign workers.
How can we maintain our RSPO certification?
We continue to adopt our Good Agricultural Practices and Operational/Manufacturing Practices that respect our land.
How did we recover from the pandemic?
Accelerate our vaccination programs for all employees. To date, 99% of our staff have been vaccinated.
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For 90 years, we revolutionised the future of agribusiness, thus, strengthening our position as one of the key players in Malaysia's agricultural sector.
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