We integrated cattle as one of our weed controlling measures throughout our plantations. We have expanded since into livestock as one of our agribusiness ventures

A new vision for animals & food production

As an organisation that prioritises becoming an excellent resource for the country, we are strengthening our mission to become a flagship for National Food Security by leveraging our experiences.
Cattle and Sheep rearing
Halal meat commercialisation
Building up the value chain for meat products
8,300 heads
Current total of cattle in our estates and we aim to achieve 10,000 heads by 2024.
500 heads
We aim to have more than 6,000 sheep by 2025 with the help of our team of experts. 
Recorded profit from cattle sales in 2021 including festive seasons.
High Quality Fresh Produce
Our experience in agribusiness ensures production of the best meat and poultry products
Environmentally Friendly Practice
We implement processes that respect and protect the nature aligned with our ESG Agenda
Sustainable Halal Meat
We established strategic partnerships with existing industry experts in dairy and poultry

Clear Market Opportunity

We have been integrating cattle into our plantation estates as a way to control weeds for almost 20 years to reduce herbicide usage. With this as a foundation, we are expanding with sheep and commercialising halal beef, mutton, and lamb.

We aspire to own more than 10,000 heads of cattle and more than 6,000 sheep by 2025 for us to develop our presence in the entire value chain for high-quality halal meat produce.

Once our plan comes to fruition, we are exploring the export markets to be competitive on a global scale.

With this clear opportunity, we align with JCorp’s Agrofood Strategic Plan to establish a food hub and aggregate produce by partnering with smallholders, GLCs, and large private players.

Overcoming Challenges

Addressing our stakeholders' needs 
Meeting Demand
Dairy and meat products are in high demand globally and with our capabilities, we plan to be one of the key players in the industry. We now own 500 Santa Ines sheep for breeding purposes.
Growth Opportunies
This foundation is also our strategic move to attract key industry players as we see limitless growth potential in other areas such as dairy and poultry. 
How did we manage animal breeding and movements during the pandemic?
We restricted their movements and for breeding purposes, bulls are on a rotation basis to maintain our cattle breeding program.
How do we overcome labour shortages?
Employ local workers and provide incentives for skilled foreign workers.
How do we protect our livestock from diseases?
We conduct scheduled vaccination and health program throughout the year to monitor and maintain the health of our livestock.
How did we recover from the pandemic?
Accelerate our vaccination programs for all employees. To date, 99% of our staff have been vaccinated.
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