Kulim is recognised as one of the leading palm oil groups with operations currently span over Malaysia and Indonesia. Kulim was amongst the earliest palm oil producers to be certified to the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil ("RSPO") standard. Our management and growth strategy is fundamentally guided by "Vision 30:30" FFB, which aims to raise fruit yields to 30 tonnes per hectare and palm product extraction rates to 30%, balanced with sustainable development principles.

Established as one of Kulim's principal growth thrust, Intrapreneur Ventures ("IV") Division is involved in a diverse range of businesses including support operations for plantations, biofertilizer, agricultural machinery, oil palm nursery and mills maintenance, as well as IT-related and insurance broking services. These companies will be developed and nurtured, with the aim to subsequently transform into strategic business divisions of the Group.

Driven by its Balanced Business Strategy, Kulim is uncovering opportunities in a new business dimension - Oil and Gas ("O&G") sector in the quest for business growth and value deliverance to its shareholders. Having footholds in O&G related businesses such as transportation of clean petroleum products and fabrication of O&G pipelines, Kulim aims at moving up the O&G value chain to expand into upstream O&G activities such as exploration, development and production, particularly in Indonesia as new space is being created. This enables us to tap into strategic investment opportunities that will broaden our earnings base and generate sustainable growth.

As we move ahead in the 21st Century, we believe that the success of an organisation will be driven by the principles of long-term sustainable development. The sustainability of a business has gone beyond the traditional measures of profits return on investment and shareholder’s value to include the inter-related dimensions of the Triple Bottom Line ("TBL") of People, Planet and Profit ("3Ps").